Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who In The World Is "Susan Prager"?

This woman has been busy playing her part as the Outreach Director of a "Human Rights Torch Relay" across America, part of Falun Gong's public opinion war in America.

If this is truely a grassroot effort, I applaud her. However in this case it appears our government may have a hand in this Falun Gong-sponsored HRTR.

***Susan Prager is also the Communications Director of "Friends of Falun Gong", a quasai-government group with congressional link that has paid over 6 million dollars to promote Falun Gong's intensely anti-Chinese political message in America:

Did the 6 million dollars pay for Falun Gong's "agiprop theater", and this faux torch relay? All as parts of an orchestrated effort to promote anti-Chinese hysteria as it seems.


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