Saturday, March 24, 2007

Falun Gong Leaders Are Dying - So Much For "Healthy Exercise" Or "Live Forever"

The most faithful, cultivate more than the ordinary world combined - prominent "leadership" level FLG disciples are dying from untreated and untreatable diseases?

How is that possible? Okay not to speak ill of the dead, perhaps their "cultivation" has "consummated", and they are laughing at me way up there in their "Dafa Heaven"?

You be the judge:

February 07 - German FLG leader Zhu GenMei (my pinyin is bad) dead after refusing treatment for diabetes and died from complication of the disease.

June 06 - Lilly Fong, the FLG doctor who proselytized "FLG's amazing healing power", died from pancreatic cancer. When she finally checked into the hospital in June, the only treatment left was pain management.

March 06 - FLG's NTDTV executive Li GuoDong - one of Master Li's favorite pupil, died of liver cancer. Not even The Buddha Reincarnate could save him.

These deaths continue to be hush-hush; no public memorial or even a word from Master Li. I usually don't see anything on the Net for months - but the latest February FLG leadership death is hitting the blogs only after one month.

I guess some FLG disciples have decided maybe they should seek medical attention, after all.


Blogger bobby fletcher said...

Sorry Felix no Western Standard propaganda allowed; your "comment" is not only too long, it is not a comment at all.

As to Mr. David Matas implicating me with the Chinese government, I think it is a darn shame. Please tell him that FLG disciples and Epoch Times routinely "pump up" his appearances, it would be hard not to know where he will be.

4:47 PM  
Blogger freedomfighter said...

What i found curious is that some of those disciples are doctors, scientist, or engineers. Doesn't their education teach them about scientific methods or critical thinking? I wonder how can they not question the validity of the teaching of this cult and be so blindly following the words of their mad teach Li?

1:07 PM  

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