Thursday, November 16, 2006

Experts Discussion: "What Is Falun Gong?"

In depth discussion about the true nature of Falun Gong from Guns And Butter:

Nov 01, 2006

The Falun GongFalun Gong: Is it an exercise group, a meditation group, a cult, a well-financed anti-communist group - you decide. Live show with Samuel Luo, whose parents are both prominent members; and China commentator and co-chair of the U.S./China Peoples Friendship Association, David Ewing; with listener call-ins.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Falun Gong's Teaching On Racial Purity

How did stuff like this go unnoticed in a self-proclaimed Christian nation, and how could Christians worship in the alter of Falun Gong politics? One can not serve two Gods right?

Here's what Falun Gong's Master Li said:

"The races in the world are not allowed to be mixed up."

"Jesus told people not to spread the teaching in the East. I have also found no oriental people in Jesus' paradise."

Also, Master Li believes interracial children are result dharma-ending degeneration:

"the races are mixed up and it has brought about an extraordinarily serious problem."

“if one is not from his race or does not belong to his people, [Jesus/Buddah] will not take care of him. This is the truth, and it is not that I’m making up something here. What I am telling everyone are heavenly secrets. All interracial children were born in the Dharma-ending period. People are not to be blamed for it, because everyone is drifting in the tide, and nobody knows the truth.”